Pick Up Locations

In order to be more efficient, we have set up pick-up points around town. Your pick up time is determined by the trip route. Only seats for a host/hostess and narrator are saved. You may choose where you'd like to get picked up. Let us know if you'd prefer a different pick up spot so our driver will know where you're getting on and off.

Please keep your phone number current with our office so we can contact you with your pick up information.

The Following are our Basic Pick Up Spots - Carpooling is Always a Great Idea!

  • On the South Side of town there's a pick up at 3140 E. 28th Ave (Our office)
  • Downtown there's a pick up at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market at 1617 W 3rd Ave (3rd and Maple). Please park in the northeast corner of the parking lot.
  • In Spokane Valley there's  pick up at the Rite Aid parking lot, Argonne & Mission, behind Little Caesars Pizza.
  • We may add additional pick up spots depending on our trip destination and number of people requesting a pick up in one location.